Beautifully Badass 4 Strap Elegance Bra

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Our Beautifully Badass line has become a huge hit all over the world and as soon as we debuted our newest 4 strap Elegance bra, our friends went crazy for it.!  So we bring you the amazingly badass & super comfy & supportive 4 strap Beautifully Badass sports bra!  These bras are absolutely amazing and we sell out of them all the time because of their comfort, fit, and quality.  Now you Ladies can proudly sport the newest BEAUTIFULLY BADASS look & make it hot!  Hurry and get yours today while they last!
Color: black bra with vibrant pink straps and pink & white print
Sizing Notes:
These fit very much like our 4-strap elegance bras.
Size S bust size is 32cm, underbust size is 30cm,
Size M bust size is 34cm, underbust size is 32cm,
Size L bust size is 36cm, underbust size is 34cm


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