Cheat Day Racerback Women's Tank

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We all can relate to the joys of our Cheat Day (or Cheat Meal). You stay strict on your diet and routine for the week and then want to celebrate with your favorite “cheats”. Do you ever feel like people are judging you when you’re buying & eating your favorites? We know we do, when we started our strict diets 3+ years ago we’d do 6 days on & 1 day off….but wow is that 1 day off (Cheat Day) plentiful with horribly bad but tasty treats. Years ago we used to joke about people judging us on cheat day & then the concept was born “Don’t Judge Me Iit’s Cheat Day”. Now that we have our apparel company this was one of favorite concepts and since we gave a sneak peak & released it, our Cheat Day shirt has immediately become a top seller.


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