Galaxy Donut Crew Socks

Galaxy Donut Crew Socks

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A MUST HAVE!! Oh yea, after bringing you the donut pants, then the donut shorts, now we bring you the Galaxy Donut Crew Socks! If you already know our socks, you know they are simply amazing and ultra comfy! Now you can have a ton of fun with your socks by adding these Galaxy Donut socks to your collection! Grab the multi pack for even better pricing!

color: multi color awesomeness

material:85% cotton, 10% lycra(spandex) and 5% nylon.

sizes available: one size fits most

sizing notes:*If you find the socks to be too long, you can make the socks shorter with hot water. When the socks are soaked with hot water, they will shrink about 10cm, but the stretched length will be the same.



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