Highly Aggressive Booty Shorts

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YES, these finally happened, the 100% custom LIVESORE HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE Booty Shorts! After the HUGE success of our white dye sub booty shorts we decided to redo the Highly Aggressive in the same style! So after much testing and retesting, we finally have our own labeled Black Highly Aggressive Booty Shorts! These are by far a fan favorite for the Women out there, and these shorts w/ this color combo really pop! Our Ladies Black Booty Shorts are dye sublimated (meaning the design is actually inside of the fabric so it will not fade or peel) w/ the famous LiveSore logo on the left outer leg in white distressed look & of course our HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE lettering on the outer right leg, and the matching waistband with the white & black LIVESORE around the entire short giving them an eye catching design that everyone will be envious of at your gym.

These high quality shorts are versatile and are designed for serious workouts and just about anything you may get into throughout your day – from swimming to deep squats, or anything else requiring full range of motion! They were cut and designed after our previous Nike Volleyball
shorts. We know you will absolutely love these!!


Sizing: 3.75″ inseam. These shorts run nearly a size larger than normal (much like the nike volleyball shorts). If you have our Nike shorts (which run big) these are very similar.

88% polyester/12% Lycra® The LiveSore Booty Short features a flexible performance fit to increase your mobility during intense training.



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