Pineapple Socks

Pineapple Socks

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OMG….OMG….yup, we went & did it.  All our LiveSore Ladies have been wildly crazy about the whole pineapple movement, so why not do a custom pair of badass socks to really make it hot.  As soon as we demo’d these gym socks, everyone wanted them including many of the guys, go figure…when you’re hot…you’re hot!  So grab a pair or 5 of these awesome Pineapple socks and wear them proudly anywhere & everywhere.


Material: 85% cotton, 10% lycra(spandex) and 5% nylon.

*If you find the socks to be too long, you can make the socks shorter with hot water. When the socks are soaked with hot water, they will shrink about 10cm, but the stretched length will the same.



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