Quad Damn Booty Shorts

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We’ve outdone ourselves yet again!! Seeing how our QUAD DAMN line has become so popular, we had a ton of ladies asking for our famous booty shorts done in this design….so BOOM, here they are.  These are our custom proprietary dye sublimated red booty shorts with the white QUAD DAMN pattern in them.  Dye sub means the design is within the fabric so its not tradition “print” that fades, cracks, peels.  Put these one and immediately feel like a badass (with a good ass) and watch all the compliments that follow!

These high quality shorts are versatile and are designed for serious workouts and just about anything you may get into throughout your day – from swimming to deep squats, or anything else requiring full range of motion! These have been thoroughly tested by 100’s of women testing deep squats, bending over, you name it…we have a very special fabric that is not at all see through.  These will feel snug at first and will then feel amazing once they literally shape to your body!


Color:  Red shorts with bold White LiveSore QUAD DAMN design

Sizing: These shorts run fairly true to size.

88% polyester/12% Lycra® The LiveSore White Booty Short features a flexible performance fit to increase your mobility during intense training.



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